Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My First Cake Class

Up until Saturday March 27, 2010 every single thing I knew about cakes was learned via Internet and books but I felt it was time I got more hands on training. Culinary school... hmmm, so not in my budget right now. Wilton classes.... No! I wanted something a bit more advanced than that. So I started stalking.. I mean browsing my favorite cake designers sites when *gasp* I saw that Cakegirls offers classes!!!! I called and left a message with all of my contact info. Georgia ,who handles runs the office promptly called me back to finalize all the details. I was so excited!! That morning I made it to the bakery early. I even had time to run to the Starbucks across the street :-) By the time I got back there was one of the other students already inside (darn, I wanted to be the first one there). While we waited for the other six ladies I took pictures of all the cake designs I had been gushing over.

                     Including this little beauty that I've always admired. I didn't even know they made it.

Finally all of the others arrived and out comes Brenda Maher who is seriously one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. After a quick tour of the bakery she the class starts. Everyone is given supplies such as an apron, spatula, 10" square cake, super sharp knife (I have the scar to prove it),templates,etc.

During the course of 3 hours we learned carving, stacking, filling , how to cover a cake in fondant, painting on a cake, and some other many other tips.

Mary (the other half of Cakegirls) did pop in to finish a cake she was working on but I didn't get a picture.

My Finished Cake!!!

I had such an amazing time at my class on that Saturday and was truly saddened by the events that took place on Monday March 29,2010. The apartment above the bakery caught fire and the building was completely destroyed but fortunately everyone escaped the building without injury. 

To help their employees bridge the gap they're selling t-shirts while they try to rebuild. If you'd like to help purchase one here.


  1. Im so jealous right now lol. I am sure you will breeze right through those classes as good as you are!

  2. It was so much fun!! Once they rebuild I really hope they'll offer more classes.

  3. you're so lucky to live close enough to have taken a class with the cake girls! i also was so sad to hear about the fire.

  4. wow! i started the wilton classes for lack of a better option... but that's so great that you could take lessons from the cake girls! and that lace looking cake has been my absolute favorite for a long time - it's gorgeous! great job on your cake!

  5. See you like many other bakers on here I've seen that say you need classes don't from what I can see. But I love the cake girls and I would love to take lessons from them, sadly I don't live in the area!! lol

    I want to go to culinary arts school as well. I've gone to see the Le Cordon Bleu school here & meet with an Admission Counselor. I have another meeting at The Art Institute here in another week. Le Cordon Bleu was were I really wanted to go, but the class schedule didn't work for me, they aren't flexible on that. I would've had to go Mon-Fri from 7pm to 11pm for 21 months!! Not sure how the schedule is at Art Institute but I hope more flexible. I'm a single mom working a full time job Mon-Fri and that would've been too much.

    Sorry about the long post, but the purse looks great!!

  6. Thanks for the kind words about my work. I totally understand about the hours. I was considering the French Pastry School here in Chicago the hours are from 6:45am-12:45pm or 1:15pm -7:15pm Mon-Fri for 24 weeks. The cost is $22,000 which I truly cannot afford right now. Needless to say I will have to continue the self teaching method. LOL!!

  7. Aint nothing wrong with being selftaught, many of the greats are self taught like Colette Peters! And Duff who is a trained pastry chef I saw once go to Colette for cake advise on his show! I think your work is fabulous Destini keep doing what your doing!

  8. Maria, I remember when Duff did that!! Thanks for the encouraging words. Love your blog!!

  9. Can I ask what sharp knife do you use?