Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st Day Of School

After a long summer of bickering and battles between my boys I was looking forward to the start of the new school year. My oldest (the pro) is going into 4th grade and my little guy (the newbie) is a kindergartener this year! The pro, like always was excited to get back to school . The newbie.....not so much! Like any normal kid he had a million and one questions.
Newbie- Will you be there with me?
Me -Just for a little while and then I have to leave. 
Newbie-How long do have to stay?
Me- Until the teacher lets you know it's time to go.
 Newbie-If I'm ready to leave ,can I just come home? I know the way!

Conversations like this went on throughout the summer. Newbie comes up to me two weeks before school starts and declared that he decided not to go to kindergarten and would be staying home! I realized I would have to make this more exciting for him. Instead of the normal breakfast I'd have a little 1st day of school celebration.

I kept things pretty simple. I used (school) supplies I had on hand.

A pencil covered vase

Juice and Milk

Oranges,bagels and muffins on my Pottery Barn stand which I LOVE!

A bus full of Gala apples I picked up at Target.
I filled my galvanized pots and tray with their favorite cereals.

The cute little printable labels and banner were created by  Kee2Creativity.
I also made a utensil holder from a can, some cardstock and crayons.

When the newbie got up to get ready for school he was so excited! He was the first one dressed and out the door. There were a few tears when I left( from both of us) but he made it through the day. Only 176 more to go!!