Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Mother's 50th Birthday Cake

I thought I had  gotten to the point where I was comfortable making gumpaste shoes. Turns out maybe not so much! My mother was about to celebrate a milestone birthday and a cake involving shoes would be perfect for her because she absolutely LOVES shoes!!! Another one of her loves is Coach purses so I decided to try my hand at one.

The shoe process started off as it normally did. Cutting a shape from a template , making the heel and letting them dry for a week. I added the piece for the ankle strap at the beginning of day 3. So far so good.

 I started to finish the shoe the day before her birthday.
Problem #1. When it came time to attach my heel I found that I had made it a bit shorter than it needed to be. Problem #2. The sole of my shoe broke in 3 pieces. I made repairs using black candy melts. I was hoping no one would notice once the shoe was completed.

The cake was made using the method I learned in my class at Cakegirls. She loved the cake! So much so she refused to cut it. I had to buy one from a store so the guests would have something to eat at the party.