Monday, March 23, 2009

Pinkalicious Cupcake

After reading the book Pinkalicious to my son for the 9000th time , I decided to make the cupcake from the story. The colors are a bit off because I just used the supplies I had on hand.
The liner is made of candy here are are the directions. I used the Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan for this cake. I recommend baking your two halves seperately because they have vastly different baking times and your top swirl would be way overdone before you base. Once cooled I trim the sides on my cake to get it to fit in the candy shell. The top the cake it covered in buttercrem then rolled fondant. I added a few fondant "sprinkles" and a cherry and voila ,Pinkalicious Cupcake!!


  1. This is beautiful! Thanks for posting the tutorial.
    How many servings would you say the jumbo cupcake is?

  2. jajaja looks like more a accessory to other cake than a cupcake, art, it's the only way in that I can call this, just a question, how many time you spent to learn the correct technique to prepare something like this?

  3. Hello! I loved the idea of making a chocolate mold for the cupcake liner, and used this idea for my daughter's Pinkalicious party...thank you! I linked to you in my blog:

    Thanks again!


  4. Hey Destini! I wanted to tell you that I saw this actual picture on the Publisher's ad of this book. I thought it was pretty awesome that they used your pic to represent the advertising of Pinkalicious! You go girl!!!
    Where's the new stuff?
    Natalie P - Cupcake Diva Kansas City