Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekend Cakes

I love when cakes go according to plan. This weekend was free of any sugar battles. Let's hope the rest of the month goes as well.

I had the honor of making this really cute Mickey cake for DaMari who is the nephew of one of my best friends. This design was inspired by on of my flickr friends creativecupcakes.

Sunday October 4 was my oldest son's birthday. Darius has been a huge Toy Story fan since he was 1. He was Buzz Lightyear for Halloween 2 years in a row. He wore the costumes until they literally fell apart. So needless to say he was super excited when he found out the double feature was coming to theaters in 3D the just in time for his 9th birthday. Here is his birthday cake.

Now there was no way I was going to attempt sculpting these characters myself so I purchased a figurine set. The "wood" floor is made of fondant and is totally my favorite part of the cake. It looked totally real. I used the technique from Confetti Cakes For Kids which is one of my favorite design books (I love the work of Elisa Strauss).


  1. Great work...I like your profile description. It starts with passion. Keep up the fabulous work.

    Where are you based?

  2. These are amazing. I would want the Mickey Mouse ears for me. My kids would be so jealous. LOL

  3. this is perfect if I wanto make a theme party, I don't gonna say with what theme we don't make free publicity, but the second the design is soo cool, maybe I can apply it in the next child party.

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