Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet Treats Challenge

The Flickr group Sweet Treats held a challenge for cupcakes and cookies with the theme of toys and circus. Needless to say I was very excited about this. I decided to go with my favorite toy as a child .... My Easy Bake Oven!!! The funny thing is I got to bake a lot as as a child with my Gram but it was just something about having my own little oven. I remember how those little mixes were gone in the first day. I would go to the kitchen and sneak ingredients to make up my own recipes. After much trial and error I finally created some that were edible. Anywho is my EBO cupcake. (I also did and Etch A Sketch one as well).

For the cookie challenge the theme was Circus. I wanted to do something that might not be as common as i.e. a clown , so I went with the Human Cannonball. My 4 year old son Christian says it looks like a man in a fish shaped sleeping bag!! Well I guess the members of Sweet Treats thought otherwise because my cookie took 1st place in the intermediate division!!

Please check out all of the other amazing entries:

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  1. You have some serious competition but your over ROCKS! You even have the little handle that would pull out the pans. No one would know what that was unless you had one. I remember getting my first one too. I was officially a lady I thought. LOL. Good luck and keep us posted on your win!