Sunday, September 20, 2009

Black and White Cupcake Tower

I created this for a black and white 50th birthday party. The flowers toppers were inspired by a fellow flickr friend o'holysweet. I must say hers are much more stunning than mine :)

I also created white flowers for the Triple Chocolate cupcakes.
And here is the assembled tower. Not the best pic but you get the idea.

I had a couple cupcakes left over and decided to try my hand at fondant cover cupcakes. I love the end result! The letters on these were created using Tappits. I have them in a few different fonts and they are a lifesaver for me because my own writing is terrible! The upper and lower case Script sets were used for these particular cupcakes. I also have the Funky Alphabet set and the Standard Alphabet set.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Booties

Hello everyone!! I haven't abandoned my blog. I've just been super busy and extremely distracted.

Anywho...... I'm back!! Lately I've gotten tons of emails from sites like and a catalog from one of my favorite stores Von Maur. They're filled with tons of the hottest items for fall. The one thing that stood out to me the most were booties a.k.a shooties. Since I can't afford to buy all the real ones I want I created some in cookie form.

They are NFSC covered in fondant.

Here is the black cookie packaged and tied with this great damask ribbon I found at Michaels.

And here is the silver ruffle one (my fave!)